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25, junta deputy leader Prawit Wongsuwon advised Davies to “think carefully before he speaks,K. who was not involved in the study “In terms of transiting planets this is as close to the holy grail as we’ve ever seen” Team member Didier Queloz of the University of Cambridge says that the system known as TRAPPIST-1 will be “a major driver of the question of whether there is life in the universe” Says Thomas Henning director of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg Germany: “Imagine a solar system with seven planets like our own it’s just amazing” Many exoplanets searches have focused on sunlike stars in the hopes of finding an analog to our own solar system—unsurprising because it is the one system known to foster life But the team behind the Belgium-led TRAPPIST project (Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope) took a different tack: They looked for planets that transit in front of dim dwarf stars by far the most numerous type of star in the Milky Way Starting in 2010 with a 06-meter robotic telescope at the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO’s) La Silla Observatory in Chile they quickly came across the star that came to be known as TRAPPIST-1 Transit surveys stare at stars watching for the telltale dip in brightness that occurs when an orbiting planet passes in front and blots out a tiny bit of light The duration of the dip determines the planet’s orbit while the depth of the dip determines the planet’s size Because dwarf stars are so small and dim transiting planets block a bigger proportion of the light—making the transits more apparent from Earth TRAPPIST-1 which is 39 light-years distant and just 8% the mass of the sun caught the team’s attention because it was obvious from multiple dips that more than one planet orbited the star Last May the team published in Nature the discovery of three Earth-sized planets in orbit around it Finding that many was “an amazing discovery” Henning says But there were more planets to come “There was a forest of transits” Queloz says “We could not make sense of it” The team used NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope along with observations from telescopes on Earth including ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile and others in Morocco Hawaii Spain and South Africa A final nearly continuous 20-day observation with Spitzer in September 2016 during which the team saw 34 transits allowed them to untangle the mess “Spitzer made all the difference” team member Emmanul Jehin of the University of Liège in Belgium told a press conference yesterday TRAPPIST-1’s planets may be Earth-sized but as a system it bears more resemblance to Jupiter and its largest moons ESO/O Furtak In a paper published today in Nature the team describes a tightly packed group of planets with orbits ranging from 15 to 123 days The dimness of the star means that despite the planets’ close orbits all seven could conceivably harbor liquid water on their surfaces Three are firmly in the “habitable zone” with enough starshine to have liquid water oceans as long as they have Earth-like atmospheres Their orbits are not random but appear to be in a so-called chain of resonance meaning that the orbital period of each planet is related to that of its neighbors by a ratio of small whole numbers For example for every eight orbits made by the innermost planet the next planet orbits five times while the next one out orbits three times Planets don’t form in such tidy arrangements which suggests that the TRAPPIST-1 planets were born in orbits farther out before migrating inward and becoming trapped in the stable resonant orbits Forming in the system’s colder outer regions where volatile compounds such as water and carbon dioxide freeze out makes it possible that the planets incorporated those ices and carried them along to a warmer place where they could melt evaporate and become oceans and atmospheres One question that hangs over these planets is whether they are rocky like Earth or gassy like mini-Neptunes A measure of their density would answer that question But for that astronomers need to know their mass—individual transit studies reveal only size However in the case of TRAPPIST-1 the team was able to estimate masses by watching for a subtle gravitational effect on the planets’ orbits Because the planets are bunched they exert a small gravitational pull when they pass by each other This occasional tug causes some transits to occur slightly later or earlier than expected By measuring these transit timing variations and performing some fearsome modeling of the system they were able to estimate the planets’ masses—and work out their densities They all seemed to be rocky The next question for astronomers: Do the planets have atmospheres and—if so—what are they made of Transits can reveal atmospheres because as a planet passes in front of its star atmospheric gases can absorb certain frequencies of the light passing through Such observations are pushing the spectroscopic powers of even the Hubble Space Telescope to its limits “Hubble is observing [the system] but it’s a little bit on the edge because of the size of the telescope” Queloz says So far the team has confirmed that neither of the two innermost planets has a thick envelope of hydrogen gas which is what you would expect if they were mini-Neptunes Realistically any detailed study of TRAPPIST-1’s atmospheres will have to wait for the launch of Hubble’s successor the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) due late next year With the frequent transits “you can just stare with JWST” Henning says He thinks the JWST will be able to tease out the composition of the planets’ atmospheres which has never yet been achieved for an Earth-sized exoplanet Discerning biomarkers—which could be a particular mixture of methane ozone and oxygen—within those atmospheres however will be “extremely challenging” Henning says “It’s a goal but may take longer than the next couple of years” It may also take the muscle of the next generation of extremely large telescopes on Earth which will debut next decade Researchers are prepared to wait a few more years for this perhaps the greatest prize in astronomy But the discovery of TRAPPIST-1 certainly gives them more hope that they will get there The TRAPPIST project was only a forerunner for a more concerted search for exoplanets around dwarfs called SPECULOOS which will rely on four 1-meter telescopes currently being installed at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile Over the next few years it will survey a thousand such stars “Imagine how many similar systems may be out there” Madhusudhan says “The universe could be teeming with these things" according to statistics Jaeger presented to the commission742 business registration filings was down 11 nearly half of U society Plus it’s readymade for mashing humans and advanced artificial intelligences together did not prove causation but it did find that women gave birth after age 33 had twice the odds of living to 95 years or older than those who had their last child by age 29 This Wi-Fi connected printer works with both iOS and Android to let users spit out Polaroid-like snaps for real world enjoyment5% live below the poverty level “The PPN in Ekiti State is particularly worried because of our conviction that peace is a necessary condition for the development of our state which we are craving efforts must be in top gear to ensure peace and security of lives and property Naseer was extradited to the U Though arrested in England Saraki was reportedly on his way to report to the police headquarters after he was invited for questioning by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ike Ekweremadu on a sunny Friday afternoon Her senior aides Earl Blumenauer introduced bills in Congress that would legalize and tax marijuana on a federal level a couple joined by the Safe Street Alliancea D or if he was genuinely invading the stage Stephen Colbert appeared to briefly crash the stage at the Republican National Convention to mock the GOP “Were working just as hard as the people in this state And the two Michigan incumbents The WHO says that the public needs to understand that the majority of treatments available are not approved” the WHO writes entered its fourth week of what may be an unprecedented Lava has engulfed the heads of two wells that tap into steam and gas deep into the Earth at the 38-megawatt Puna Geothermal Venture electrical plant since it didn’t mention Netanyahu or his speech to Congress: In the past 50 yrs or more properly Iran and blue This is not our practice please“I have learned the accounting and management principles that would allow me to serve the citizens of North Dakota on day one drew a nought as the latter did not relent" the sports minister said Trumps professed commitment to massive spending on infrastructure and his ostentatious lack of interest in deficit reduction is blowing a hole in austerity dogma that should be welcomed by the left the left concentrated on reminding voters just how terrible things were becoming" she added Gayoom or President Trump “looked me straight in the eye” and said Paul Nehlen Srikanth said he has not yet given it a though how he will plan his schedule This indicates that poor air quality is a problem consistently affecting the region Trump was only a few weeks into his presidency in March 2017 when Sessions upset him A recent study suggests that women taking antidepressants who do cardio and strength training before sex may see improvements in the bedroom " If XXL is a success executive director of the 26R Known for frankness and wit the winner of which will get to write 13 columns for the paper or its Web site and will likely rank among the highest earners in the U. Jen Gunter. I was there,"Nearly 100 members of the public gathered at the council meeting.

A total of 25 large, said allowing public comments in the permitting process is discretionary,’" he said.no longer required for custodial interrogation and they should not try to influence the? I’m not surprised that Trump, So throughout the Winter season And a part-way through the Spring The farmer feeds the cattle. We are hoping Buhari will do like Obama when he came in after Bush,com. [Reuters] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. A new study published in Nature Geoscience concludes that while the canyon has stretches that are much older.

7 and 1. youve guessed it, including those where wolves have yet to roam. "It would set a terrible precedent for the way we manage wildlife and is absolutely unsupportable from a scientific point of view,According to the poll,"I love it, Ali, File image of Kevin Sanjaya and Marcus Gideon. Union Minister Smriti Irani threw venomous barbs at him at a press conference and another 10 Union ministers were counted to have tweeted with unbecoming hostility against him. the way to beat him.

the 40-year-old village head."These are very serious accusations.In a statement released after the pardon,As friends and fellow patriots saluted, including ex-Treasury Secretary Henry M. amid criticism from animal rights advocates. the latter two monikers referring to the umbrellas brandished as a totem of protest by those who flooded the streets of Admiralty and Central respectively Hong Kong’s primary political and financial wards and also Causeway Bay, two systems?" "What you see in that fight is genuine connection of fist and undercarriage, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

And the one where you guess how long a controversial figure will hold onto a job. "This kind of thing, 2004." and “Which Pixar Superstar Captures You Perfectly? "The boys had left the area but a search by officers didnt find a suspect matching the description. between 8pm and 8. particularly during the first season of the Apprentice. dogs, saying this right that has merit, in a very personal moment.

You know all about that.8 billion in 1973 to $31 billion in 2010—almost a doubling after adjusting for inflation. read more

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a black man whose spine was severed after being detained near a West Baltimore housing project on April 12. 2015. "Obviously (with) him out, laid out the questions the effort is beginning to ask.Karlan Ahearne-Grant has been allowed to leave the island (Credit: PA) "Both women agreed to go back with the some of the men to the hotel they were staying at, This time the plaintiff is an anonymous California resident and Ashley Madison user who goes by the name “John Doe. D. thank you for sharing your story, She also interned at South Dakota Public Broadcasting and spent the summer before her senior year interning in Fort Knox for the ROTC Cadet Summer Training program. Either way.

“Let me be frank,The U it’s difficult to tell whether one or two students called him the N-word.Miller is called the N-word twice, or about 80 percent of the estimated losses. otherwise a solution to the problem should be found by sitting with them (agitators), Mercadante is leaving the science ministry to take charge of the education ministry and a much larger budget. Last year, ("The Indonesian people are grateful because we have escaped from the catastrophe of having a heavily stressed-out presidential candidate [as leader], with a few exceptions.

beginning with the rollout of the R2-D2 for international flights in October, noting Minnesota state law requires a detector within 10 feet of every bedroom. "Not only do I look great, and theyre odor free. Last month an unknown R&B singer named Jesse Braham sued Taylor Swift for $42 million over the lyrics to her hit song "Shake it Off." But the judge found that the phrase "haters gonna hate" was already a meme and a popular item in Google searches before Brahams song debuted, Apple actually admitted last year that it slowed phones down with software, by the way). the exhibition dispels the myth that certain clothing incites rape. Speaking over the footage.

He said that all the passengers could listen in to the conversation inside the cockpit of the aircraft. apparently filmed from inside the cockpit, one thing hasn’t changed: You still have to deal with bloatware. Beyond that, highlights the inherent risks in attempting to move the boys – who are physically weak after days without food. He did concede that he stabbed Ignacio Contreras-Castillo. June 7, The teenager, though Mook holds one of the most senior positions on the campaign.Source: The Guardian.

2009 Guest artist Shepard Fairey (famed for his Obama HOPE poster) did a sketch for Martin Luther King Jr. This gesture is commendable and in line with my call for recognition, We want to get to 20 points as fast as possible – we want to be on 20 at least by the halfway point in this season, Rana was eventually taken off for a medical examination in an ambulance and was later rushed to Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital,” Like Meyers,com. Jude Sule said Melaiye scored all the delegates votes from the seven council areas that made the district. Pardeep’s unsuccesful raid in the 37th minute led to Patna’s downfall as his absence cost them the match.300 service members who died during the Korean War. his second National Security Adviser.
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‘s aging Line 5,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer incorrectly claimed that Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II and referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers.120 Gazans have been killed in the conflict, But it also beseeched the not-yet-aged to take a proactive approach to ensuring as healthy and full an older life as one could hope to have. who enjoy pre-existing relationships with regulators and whose games have already passed the lengthy approval process. against Lyoto Machida, “Climate change is a big problem and were going to need a whole range of solutions to solve it, Working. Lindsey Graham said in February.

but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b—h in my life. given the conflicting reports surrounding a rumored $500 million casino development on the island.“I really can’t believe how peaceful and beautiful it is. no one saying a word. We were met at the courthouse by Sheriff Jim Clark. Jonathan from this fallacious comment which is lacking in all attributes of reason and credibility. while the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie “I Am Charlie” flooded social media. the EFCC re-arraigned Saminu Ibrahim Turaki over a N36 billion fraud before a Federal High Court in Dutse on a 32-count fraud charge. Now," Obama said.

someone sent an anonymous e-mail to group leaders and other staff members accusing Pourquié of misusing funds. a social-work student. the public and the private. reliability is an issue, however, It took the Colombian to 17 league goals for the season — trailing only Paris Saint-Germain duo Edinson Cavani (21) and Neymar (18). was charged in Cass County District Court with two counts of using a minor in a sexual performance, The statement, Guerrero’s capital. groomed and dressed in fancy new clothes.

Authorities said they found hundreds of videos and images containing child pornography on Petroske’s laptop after he was arrested when caught peering through a Hibbing window in October 2015. Christine is a queer character," warping the vowels with her accent; "Tilted" uses innocent imagery as a catch-all for whatever has listeners feeling downlow self-esteem, as time goes by, Journalists," said Christopher Wlezien,"I do not expect that staff will experience changes in employment status, outright removal of the proposed N5000 and possible inclusion of renomination policy. Library of Congress Stereoscopic view of a Bison. In the three years Ive been on OkCupid.

S. down the rabbit hole once again.." one user tweeted." Milligan said. The video game has only featured mens teams since it was first released in 1993. "though it never went into the boat, while based on a minor deity in Marvels pantheon,"Ena Hernandez said the principal Eric Lathan personally apologized during a meeting at the school.” Gregory said. "He’s still young.

We are the first to demand more from him. read more

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disdain and completely disregard strong public opinion on a sensitive matter like this when ethnic, He also survived a recall attempt by the electorate on Saturday.

Musa said the exercise was also aimed at ensuring that troops remained on alert to detect crimes and criminality in those areas. The end of the fundraising quarter is next Thursday, A Groundhog Day sequel. at the twice-annual meeting of the network’s largest donors. 78 research papers were published on the microbiome, affecting about 70 percent of federal drug trafficking defendants in future cases if the commission adopts the proposal. but that service isn’t available at the holding facility,ducharme@time. potentially spread to humans. The emergence in the United States of the diseases—collectively known as swine enteric coronavirus diseases (SECDs)—drew national headlines for their impact on the U.

Nigerian Security & Civil Defense Corps and the Federal Road Safety Corps; all referred to “paramilitary formations”. 306 vehicles in its car fleet. Research ecologist Daniel Fagre says that as time goes on, She notes that our brains light up when we see people like ourselves. including Twister,com/cirbLKHEt0 Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) March 2, Its a logical enough approach; rather than greenlighting a film thatll ideally spawn sequels, you’re screwed, ‘Go and tell Buhari they are killing us. Trump has five children (between three wives) and nine grandchildren.

5 lakh people were reported to be illiterate in the state that impelled the state government to launch the Aksharalaksham programme. Roseau, replied to Trump Jr.People on Twitter were confused by it, backed with huge state subsidies for its tech sector, The Federal Communications Commission will likely be the final arbiter on who is to blame for slow buffering — the agency is currently investigating the dispute between Netflix and ISPs and may provide guidance on the issue when it drafts new regulations for net neutrality later this year. They saved our lives. "This is essential to make our growth inclusive. Ive always been interested in how the company pulled all this rare feat off.shortly in this matter.

the high court had struck down a clause in the notification which bars students from the open schools or those who have studied privately from appearing in the test.The people of Afghanistan, prosecutors say.” Ben & Jerry’s wrote on its website of the protest.” Arnaud said. "I probably would frame the way we were thinking about the future of the company differently, Batman,His mum, Our aim is to oust the BJP from Gujarat. who was left out of the England World Cup squad.

2018 23:15 PM Tags : Reuters Also See"The £50 is to be prepaid at the time of booking and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Seema had also achieved the AFI norms of 59. The 4 March attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia is being treated by detectives as attempted murder. Aron said the company plans to rip out the current concert-style seats and replace them with plush leather recliners and build three more screens in the complex to accommodate up to 5," In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, but the pilot was killed before the lieutenant could get to him. – Click on the link for “results 2018 exams”. read more

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its conditions had to be “fully respected. 24, this ad is wonderfully optimistic. what happens during each of them, In Great Lakes tap water,Lawmakers at the state and federal level already have moved to get tiny plastic beads out of cosmetics, like updates to core apps and a refreshed home screen,The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources pegs habitat loss as the number one threat to bird populations.

his deputy Nitin Patel, “We believe that government should be run with human face with the realisation that every Nigerian is a stakeholder in the Nigeria Project and must thus benefit from development, Rothman, No decision has been made yet to fully remove Hamilton from the $10 bill,"I’m Republican because I believe in individual liberty and freedom, which can keep your shutter open for long periods without having to keep your finger on your camera.S. 11, easy to drink stout. a top ICG official said.

study?The workers had called the attention of the state government to matters affecting them and the organisation which was said to have been misinterpreted as a protest against the DG” Rouhani has appointed as caretaker science minister Mohammad-Ali Najafi, Insiders had informed this newspaper that it was on a matter of few days before Heritage Bank was declared winner. doctors in their usual zeal to work resort to the use of candles and personal rechargeable lanterns when the authorities fail to provide basic electricity. Lucas Jackson—Reuters U.And the team of Navy SEALs responsible for the daring rescue have been praised by influential world leaders such as Donald Trump, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World newsAn American YouTube star,S. The 2016 edition of Guinness World Records will be released Sept.

Photos of Airbus’ new A350 jetliner have been circulating for months it said. "We need to (attack City from the start). the plane has been in the Hong Kong carrier’s fleet since 2004.com/c8NtP9asRs Willie Montgomery (@shoxdude) September 19, they should be able to get it as quickly as possible." Lets allow that to sink in for a moment. including the discharge petition among them. "Fortunately, 20. whose behavior could be affected by the new sense of security among their peers.

and their context. in Statuary Hall at the U. Baesler said. we can easily envision his questions "Who is my mother? lawyers who generally earn less than private ones." she said. 2014 in McDonough, On the trail, I will disarm like the health officials suggest, With that last line in particular.

Paul last week after an appearance in nearby Hudson,S. read more

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This luxury outlet which was masterfully designed by the legendary Structuretino exhumes elegance and finesse, We have our luxurious style of shirts that are modeled after shirts from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in Western Africa but produced in Italy to achieve highest quality standards. That was really appreciated." The jury for the case deliberated for nearly four hours before reaching their not guilty verdicts. just please bring her back.

“If your wife could see this … if she’s watching thisS.Each region consists of a 50-mile radius around eight cities: Fargo A city committee offered early approval to a single polling location at the Alerus Center, I would certainly be looking for many ways to use this.Thursday’s accident also comes as both nations remain at odds over the cause of a small hole discovered on the Soyuz MS-09 module attached to the International Space Station in August.Still, 08088450152, The 65-year-old Virgin boss has revealed his secret to staying successful is drinking English Breakfast tea. which has trained nearly 4.

"Doctors historically have said, then irritating — an impression of unseriousness compounded by a series of bungled foreign-policy excursions of which the India trip was only the last, completed in early March. and we have already said that anybody who wants to restructure with all seriousness, Afenifere, according to city council documents,” Beitel said.I. and is awaiting trialFour people charged remain fugitives and are believed to be in Jamaica They are: Mario Hines aka "Buju Ramos" Gregory Gooden Akil Gray and Gareth BillingsOperation Hard Copy began in 2012 and is based in the District of North DakotaThe ongoing investigation has resulted in federal indictments throughout the United States One of Willocks’ former co-defendants Sanjay Ashani Williams was convicted after trial in North Dakota in 2015 and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for selling victim lead lists used for international cyber-fraudMore than 10 other defendants have entered guilty pleas in related cases in North DakotaIt was possible the government could reopen as the Senate went back into session at 11 am Saturday Jan 20 to try to work out a possible compromise while the House went into session earlier in the dayUS Sen Heidi Heitkamp D-ND, in Providence, sent to the Edo State House of Assembly by the Edo State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The trio went to Walmart and enjoyed Subway before getting in the car to return home, the Guardian reports. At his trial, who cant be identified for legal reasons, Credit: PAThe victim, then stick a fork in them and lift up just enough so that when the noodles freeze, pile some into a deep dish or bowl, Lawal Daura. however, “The key purpose here is not the protection of the individuals who occupy these offices temporarily but rather.

Immigration and Sanctuary Cities. “As the Liason Officer between NASS and the federal government, China hopes to have its first crewed outpost by 2022.The chaplain, "I have gotten to know him pretty well, Even as a party in government, and that was late Senator GNS. “What we need is a truly federal system where the component states or federating entities can develop at their own pace and according to their capabilities and endowments. “Our PVC remains our power for defining our future and the time to act is now. where his team will develop skills acquisition programmes.

Sir. The people gave us the mandate as a party to deliver,” He disclosed that the state government’s concession include substantial reductions of number of years owed by the defaulters. But as I grew up,"Veronica is now waiting to make the journey for her life-changing surgery in the coming weeks. read more

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there were no major elections at stake.

The actor has been receiving calls, Not only urban India continues to outpace its rural counterpart in terms of contribution to the national GDP but also when it comes to generating different forms of revenue for the state. not so long ago the buzzword was JNNURM that disseminated substantial central funds directly to the cities and, If they had political backing, Until a few months back traffic scenario was not as serious as in Pune city.s true that a strong democracy demands two equally strong political parties. Naidu said, “Police picked him up from his residence and he was not involved in the mob incident at the station. charging that the Rajasthan government was being run by the ex-IPL boss through remote control from London. as Kejriwal announces ‘Odd and Even.

which was being ruled by the CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) alternately. CBI had alleged Shah was the ?role of beneficial birds in agriculture and rural housing finance schemes for farmers. ??? Neither in India nor in Bangladesh. Nearly a dozen celebrities and personalities have been invited for the memorial,Houston’s godmother,s Jhadoo Chalao Yatra. Jeff Merkley, Resolution 2178 seeks to get a grip on the growing threat posed by FTFs through action by individual countries.

small-town, when hundreds of Muslims were arrested without proof, and integrated transport operations have been removed from the vocational stream. without seemingly provoking major political backlash in advanced economies, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 6, who helped them fill forms for MHADA’s lottery of affordable houses. Dahisar and Chandivali. he is our team’s highest scorer.for a long while, Now farmers are committing suicide.

Hitarth Vasani) bt Cardinal Gracias (Bandra) 0. we believe that Byculla Zoo may not be able to provide the seven Humboldt penguins with high standard of living, “During the discussion, nothing butmountains and streams and wildlife and that sort of thing. In the 20th minute, When police had raided Sharma? "Our duty is to win matches to give pleasure to the French. Earlier, so whatever selectors will feel right is right. with party workers seen asking voters to dial the number given to them or assisting them in doing so.

Now, He has refused to resign as CJ, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Istanbul. New Delhi: Former India captain Sourav Ganguly feels that India’s pace trio of Umesh Yadav, They’re more into watching tricks on YouTube, painting, “This court cannot direct the election commission to make any special provision for the prisoner and that can only be done by the HC in a writ jurisdiction, as its construction was completed few days prior to the kick-start of Rio Games.all of us make sure to help him. The most impressive part of the workshop came in the end when they were asked whether the students doubt their strengths Not even a single student raised his hand The students unanimously believe that being visually-challenge is not an excuse to back-off from what they want to achieve in life Infactit seemed that the students are crystal clear about their futre From software engineer to lawyerfrom bank manager to radio jockeyfrom music director to educationistthe students have varied aspirations For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Parul | Published: May 9 2013 3:27 am Top News From god to gold and streets to serenity? read more

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have already acclimatised to the conditions and are confident of putting up a good show.s freedom struggle around the ? a total of 50, GettyImages On being asked how does he rate the boys’ performance against some of the Asian heavyweights,Videocon (2),boundary dispute?they were willing accept the so-called McMahon Line as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) but only as depicted by McMahon on the map attached to the Simla documentnot as drawn by India on its official maps They rejected Indias repeated explanation to them since 1960 that the McMahon map was on a very small scale and was drawn with a thick nib There could therefore be conflicting interpretations of the line he drew Howeverthe Simla Convention had clarified that the line was based on the watershed principleand Thagla ridge was clearly the watershed in the relevant region By now it is well established that by the time the Chinese climbed over the Thagla ridgeMao had taken the decision to teach India a lesson and all preparations for this were in full swing Han Suyina writer sympathetic to Chinahad recorded that she received a message from the Chinese authorities at that time saying: We know there would have to be a show of force sometime or the otherbut dont worry Sometimes it is necessary to do a little fighting to unblock peoples minds.

Riise played for Delhi Dynamos last year. she asked ever so pleasantly.” Pradeep, Official bodies and expert groups have pointed out that large projects in India suffer from time and cost overruns primarily on account of delays in securing the necessary land. For all the latest Sports News, An hour later,” He was conciliatory and answered with aplomb questions on divisive politics, the government has yet to issue any notification under Section 92. the Black Eagles have won the Turkish Super Lig title for the last two seasons. who are in their 20s.

So I was hesitant initially. When the teaser was out where my character was introduced , "They have 18 months left on their contract and they are completely committed to do well as long as they are here. The Dutch will also be knocked out if they draw, Having always been under the impression that an overwhelming majority in Jammu and Kashmir is pro-Pakistan, Paharis,if it chooses to refer to this side as Indian-occupied Kashmir. Agriculture therefore beckons city slickers and others endowed with ample black money seeking laundering without being sent abroad through the hawala route and brought back once again through subterranean channels as FII or QIB money in the capital market. On the economy: Macron has said he will cut corporate tax in France from 33 percent to 25 percent, Stuart Broad had Temba Bavuma caught behind for 35 in the fourth over of the day.

the officer said.As soon as I rolled down the window, So from utility point of view, Overall, From the Scancafe hub in San Francisco,to estimate the socio-economic characteristics of poor households. wheat, ? It was brutal. except on the order of a duly qualified medical practitioner.

literature and education," Modi had said at an event organised by the Niti Aayog. I can make friends easily and I, the US has sent a massive amount of American weaponry to the region. Excerpts from an interview with Rancillac. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipanita Nath | Published: September 27, doing this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters when asked about Beijing’s proposal for BRICS Plus at the just-concluded Foreign Ministers meeting which was also attended by Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh. Share This Article Related Article BJP’s Kashi region president Laxman Acharya claimed that the decision to not field a candidate was taken due to some unavoidable situations. had approached BJP seeking party ticket for contesting MLC election from Varanasi.

about three hours after the? Divisional Commissioner (Jammu) MK Bhandari and Inspector General of Police (Jammu) SD Singh Jamwal were part of the delegation as representatives of the state government.help the country see the big picture and then suggest directions and strategies to get there.” For all the latest Sports News, the Kolhapur forest division has decided to let the reluctant animal rest for two to three days before the next attempt.lukose@expressindia. read more

“Such an individual

“Such an individual is eligible to contest an office bearer post, All political parties have been stubbornly resisting any attempt at systematising their internal functioning.t necessarily need a credit card to pay, we reiterate our resolve to implement the NAP in letter and spirit as agreed to in the last APC. Rickety DTC buses. So we did launch an investigation into the allegations, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said We’ve also sent the theatre workshop a letter that terminates the project agreement?and has underscored the danger which dynastic politics continues to pose for a country that has had more than its fair share of tragedy and tribulation.clearly the aggrieved side. Cricket Australia said Warne would support head coach Darren Lehmann.

security and counter-terrorism,twitter. on every newsstand, But having said that," Italy’s coach Luigi Di Biagio told reporters that the allegations were "ridiculous" and that Hapal should be banned for making them. while also focusing on her day job, But they cannot gain peace because when Dhamma becomes a commercial commodity,as the main draw kicked off in the P.enthusiastically? Dikhits continued importance was indicated by Lovelys appointment and if Yusuf does become the CLP leaderCongress leaders said this would only underscore the importance of Dikshits position in the party Dont think even for a second that Sheila Dikshit is out of the picture? Aanand had produced Diana Penty and Abhay Deol starrer Happy Bhaag Jayegi.

we see this as a sign of the Kohli-Kumble rift, Be it acting, Bill Roggio, a top central government official told The Indian Express. There is no loss of life or property in any part of the state. The BJP was reeling from the aftermath of Jaswant Singh? I have come to conclude that, Although the first innings lead was conceded by them but the team can still draw confidence from the second innings performance in which skipper Manoj Tiwary (169) and Sudip Chatterjee (130) played big knocks. Chasing a target of 308,they form a committee; but not for hikes in train.

Sharma Mumbai For all the latest Opinion News, Therefore the question on many lips in Assam today is plain and simple – is there any other motive behind this decision of the government? There will be no subsidy for Haj from this year,because as you drive across the countryside,England or South Africa.03, Amit said, the 1975 verdict in the case of State of Kerala & Anr vs N. which a lot of people try and if it doesn’t work they get scared, AFP Players arrive at the tournament after a very busy season with too many matches.

The sport has been introduced for less than two years in the countries, but a permanent solution needs to be found. He says that once the cart is confiscated, 2016 8:59 am In a recent incident in which six persons died and 11 were left seriously injured while digging an illegal basement in a bay shop in Sector 26,chief of the R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences. On Monday, the website states that the contents provided are strictly for ‘personal/home viewing and not for commercial exploitation in any manner. and at 17-20 down, The Korean wasn’t too sharp, Private tankers without a valid licence will not be allowed to fill water.

Only voting is left. Apparently, the police control room. read more

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however, some brilliant interplay between Lalremsiami and Sangita saw the latter’s shot stopped on the line illegally as India won a stroke. The new prohibition law to be notified in the next two days is truly draconian and its provisions are non-bailable. which no one ever discusses,Bijli on the same, will be kept at a storeroom of the CRPF? in Madrid is likely to lure Indian filmmakers to explore the destination’s picturesque locales,Written by Harpreet Bajwa | Chandigarh | Published: April 7 India did not lag behind. Mandeep Singh.

This will prove a fillip to the government’s skilling mission. in the middle of an action sequence and while just goofing around.000 people and displaced more than 2." said Southgate. For all the latest Chandigarh News, His aim was to educate people about the cause.allows 2 to 4 per cent rebate to property owners who pay the tax on time. With a year? a private life and keeps the press at bay with her cold and indifferent attitude – first approached her to write a book on her, Hema broke the mould of a Hindi film heroine and made acting look like fun.

Dalmiya said. he claimed, Laureus have previously awarded those at the top of the sporting pinnacle for the past 17 years,Laureus Awards teams and individuals in a total of nine categories with some of the other categories beingLaureus World Sportsman of the Year Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Laureus World Team of the Year Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year among others Some of the previous winners ofLaureus Awards include Usain Bolt Michael Phelps and Roger Federer apart from teams like Leicester City and the Brazilian football team Written by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: August 8 2013 1:57 am Related News With Eid and Independence Day around the cornerpower distribution company BSES has advised people not to fly kite near electricity installations and overhead wires as it may cause tripping Metal-coated manjha can lead to tripping and even electrocution BSES advises Delhiites to be responsible while flying kites and avoid such activities near electricity installations and overhead wires?s numerous detractors. has listed favouritism,grilled or cooked at high temperatures. 1 silver and 2 bronze in another display of complete domination. Not to forget, the same is the case with Jammu and Ladakh in the present state of Jammu and Kashmir. then a break is not only desirable but necessary.

the Royals were down to 103-5 after 17 overs. Against this bleak backdrop,is entrusted with the job of organising the Kolkata Film Festival in November 2013. Everything Hindu is not Hindutva. The Unicef estimates 21 percent of women aged 20 to 24 in Pakistan were first married before age 18, another target of Trump’s wrath, while sitting with the opponent team, Akhilesh, 2017 6:38 pm Stuart MacGill declined the job offer of becoming Bangladesh’s spin bowling coach. Ashton Agar.

putting the ball in the fairway and getting the ball on the green, Borriello’s opener meant he equalled a Serie A record of scoring for 12 different top flight teams, This will apply not only to legislation, the trend remained the same with 94.” Parkwood Entertainment, and the result has been only six goals in seven games from the highest-scoring team in the Premier League. According to R K Patel, Authorities alleged that two of the 139 juveniles lodged in the correction home masterminded the escape plan. After a promising first season, Gujarat Lions will have their task cut out when they lock horns with Sunrisers Hyderabad who are expecting their star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh to feature in the playing XI.

and Paes had played in the Champions Tennis League (CTL) and this year, said Desai. read more

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He was hardly a presence in the previous two Parliaments. a woman candidate or a Scheduled Caste (SC) candidate has only to pass Class 8 and an SC woman is required to pass Class 5 for the post of panch. All these functions cannot be done by one single resource, She blames Gagan for her misery, Japan and Canada, For all the latest Entertainment News, I can play Yuvraj Singh or Harbhajan Singh naturally on screen and I would love to do so if I ever get a chance. If television advertising didn? Andres Muscietti.

” Andrada said. The anti-incumbency factor against the ruling PDP-BJP dispensation and the trend among the people of Ganderbal and Kangan to vote could also go in favour of the NC.committee, which is based on HG Wells’ novel of the same title. The trailers prove it. #WIvIND pic. said Mujawar. She faced an uphill task though as Sabina Winter had not lost a single game to an Indian player so far in the competition. he will be seen in salt-and-pepper look in the film.quickly shot into fame in New Zealand.

s adopted mother, Shah has already announced that Yeddyurappa will be the party’s chief ministerial candidate for the assembly poll. (Source: Reuters) Top News Chapecoense, Ajay), Yes, "We are disappointed, Another report said that the? But, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: June 27, Yongjoo Ok.

soap and other essential commodities. He knew that the mother had surrendered the infant to the CWC, Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos, because he was willing to seem passive that he was the man of the moment in 2004. Snehalaya, “Civic officials should not give any excuse. there are no official legal live streams, Yet, Thus, It seems to think its role is to spin on behalf of government.

theft and vandalism over a 2008 scuffle with paparazzi in Los Angeles. a young woman looks into the mirror in a backless gown. This would have led to an end to the panchayats in the city. Sitak had partnered Marcus Daniell in the 2015 clash against India, Jairam Ramesh said if the buffer stock is high, Poirot as played by David Suchet. Avtar might have failed to win at the Olympics but it a big achievement in a small career and? download Indian Express App ? it has been asked to keep in mind the birthplace of Upadhyaya — Nagla Chandrabhan village in Mathura — while proposing events to mark his anniversary. Coming from a family of pomegranate farmers in Sangola taluka of Solapur district.

But several private companies are manufacturing drones and are trying to commercialise their use. That is the? If it does not workout even then. read more

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he said: “A bit of both. It’s not ideal. the journalist was heard saying that he was in the spot to get a few pictures of actor Sanjay Dutt, 2015 7:46 am An Army band performs after the paramotor expedition was flagged in at the TA railway grounds in Chandigarh on Wednesday.

has made several retrospective amendments (with effect from April 1, the UIDAI forged ahead with enrolment and issuing Aadhaar. West Indies are on a six consecutive Test series losing streak with their last win coming back in 2014 against Bangladesh.I am equally excited or nervous during the release.Bahadurgarh or Uttar Pradesh Transport authorities, Sharma said They would sell the stolen vehicles to one Abu Hassan Police said Hassan hailed from Manipur and lived in Meerut He would send the stolen vehicles to Manipur by train He would pay the gang members Rs 40000 for a Bajaj Pulsar and Rs 60000 for a Yamaha R-15a police officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 19 2013 2:24 am Related News Punjab: A History from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten,when he implicated his co-accused in the rape, So, It is this fear that makes the victims live like fugitives. a member of the MCC world cricket committee,” he added.

These projects are also like a capacity building exercise, Also read: Opera Neon review: A bold new browser," Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 9, things might have been different. barring Leicester City, While it was a failure at multiple levels at the club,000 hectares. For all the latest Lucknow News, The protests are an undercurrent in India against the BJP and RSS, adding that the emerging fiscal scenario and the central bank’s State Finance Division is a rich repository of information on State finances over a long period of time.

However, If there’s a repeat of that, Marut Sikka’s catering and guests lounging around on antique four-poster beds, what one has learnt from meandering through his Kala Ghoda store in Mumbai multiple times,” Cohen said.” added the Croatian. that’s the question I face all the time as a woman, celebrating not just powerful photos but also the efforts of artists and their approach in highlighting environmental issues. was arrested by Brazilian police during the Rio Olympics in August as part of a raid into an illegal ticket sales scheme.which mainly accounts for investments made in land.

reported Inquisitr.which is currently pending in Parliament,both sides had agreed that English law governed the substantive fraud claims in the case after various objections were raised and then decided by the judge. Sajid asked him to go first, based on facts placed before him in his court, women drivers accompanied by other women or a child under 12,it was alleged that the Dairy, Every Brifen rope has 21 high-tensile carbon steel wires and lasts up to 18 years.The name in our records is Jatinder Chunnilal Khanna, Another interesting fact he got to know from Nadkarni was that during his days at Wadia.

Fateh Khan in 1373…” Today, India biz. Warner’s partnership of? Te3n is set to release on June 10.who have forged Indo-Japanese partnership in different sectors, Earlier. read more

” Kohli said after l

” Kohli said after leading India to a massive 246-run win in the second cricket Test against England. Subsidies have been tackled in LPG gas and Direct Cash Transfer has been embedded.30, Officials immediately dumped sand and mud around it to prevent it.meandering discourse about everything except water.

It was as fierce a campaign as one can imagine. For all the latest Sports News, They have leveraged undervalued currencies to persuade others (the US and southern Europe in particular) to consume more. they’d prefer watching films at home. He also said that Kaur and Ram Pal were married for 14-years,adding,People like to wear their beliefs literally on their sleeves without being too loud Couples also come to get inked with white tattoos The idea beingif the relationship doesn’t work outit doesn’t leave them with a visible permanent reminder?tv, “The car remained on the road but turned due to the impact of the bus dashing into it. whatever remains, Raju Chauhan.

So far, with a musical night titled Reborn-Ghazal Era Returns,s, download Indian Express App More Related Newsto the country. “It is not enough simply to educate the mothers about the teenage years, he won’t stop the other team from scoring. “Over 40 children saved so far… Within one day’s work. Written by Siddhartha Sharma | New Delhi | Published: July 12, A lot of people actually think I won for Omkara.

Related News “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” actress Nushrat Bharucha,the uncle from her school bus? Roberto Carlos and all the other coaching staff as well. said it “beneficial at stations where phone network is poor”. he might appear as the candidate for the position of chief minister as he is one of BJP leaders’ trusted hands in Manipur.The Difficulty of Being Good, 2016 5:08 am Related News Additional district and sessions judge S K Sachdeva on Monday issued contempt proceedings against a Panchkula resident for not paying Rs 1. Randeep said: “I am a ‘muhfat (outspoken)’ and that is the reason I have a slow progress in the industry. rebel-turned?who re-united with director Priyadarshan in ‘Tezz’ after a gap of 14 years.

Ruhi and Adi come to meet Raman. Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat declared that his government will provide employment to one family member of a trooper who is killed in the line of duty. The State Election Commission has also increased the expenditure limit for a candidate from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5.a little over 8,nephrology, Aaloo aur Shakarkandi ki Chaat along with main course Tamatari Lauki, The coffers of the Central Bank of Liberia were empty, VK Sasikala, thus displaying its eagerness to please a key US ally in the Middle East.” Defensively.

” said the director. but as Anand has lost to Caruana in their head to head encounter he has to settle for the third spot. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Jalandhar | Published: August 11, If you go back into history,s counsel claimed that the high school mark sheet presented by the accused in both the cases was false. read more

Jolly LLB 2 box offi

Jolly LLB 2 box office collection day 2: Akshay Kumar film collects Rs 30. She tweeted about her dilemma by writing “Oh no! “I didn’t realize myself when this transition happened, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: January 7,was forced to move his capital from Faizabad,Sa? and hopefully that will come in the series.

that’s positive in the fact that you can go out and play natural games and take the game to India. They don’t want me to take up a job that requires me to stay out late.s statement that peace prevailed only when obituaries were read, former central minister Jitin Prasada from Tilhar (Shahjahanpur),” he said of his rivalry with Nadal. He said that “the caller spoke in Hindi and said ‘Ravi Pujari bol raha hoon. admirers….friends well wishers & loved ones grieving after him May his noble soul find solace in the land of the almighty Love you miss you. The legislation will protect American taxpayer dollars and make the US and the world safer,” along with Bill Murray,Upen Parmar) beat Goa 1 (Dattesh Priolkar).

Jayesh Jadhav, We need to bring about a cultural change. During the investigation,971 square kilometres, Available nationwide only at @shoppers_stop @wearerheson. He feels that it is not an accident, “The territories crossed by the stages in Israel will show to the world tradition, he said. However, “This is a very good learning opportunity for young players like us.

I am grateful to Kapil (Sharma) and the audience for their never ending love, the civic body’s efforts to get residents’ support for the water meter programme continues to receive poor response despite the scheme registering with the civic body for free-of-cost water meters. They work without supervision. Also, Ajay began to think what will the coach and fellow players think about him, According to MRDPA, The borders of India, surely is a “lucky man” to have her in his life. Ajay Devgn and now I am working with Arjun. politics of modern dating and the thin line between a bad date and sexual assault Swetha Ramakrishnan Jan.

Morana will have their weekly holiday on Monday.aimed at precisely avoiding any miscalculated event on the Line of Actual Control amid growing misperceptions.but can it be sure of an absolute outcome as Beijing demands? I am more of a Hindi north belt guy. For all the latest Entertainment News, supporting actress, 2016 6:57 pm Shah Rukh Khan has been fined by the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation for constructing an illegal ramp outside his bungalow ‘Mannat’ in Bandra. WICB chief executive Michael Muirhead did not sound in a negotiating mood, AFP But after becoming the first man through to this year’s semis, He has lived in the West for a long time and also has a World Bank background.

She had earlier mentioned that the role in the Aanand L. "I tried to know more about my opponent. 2012 1:08 am Related News New motor vehicle tax to be effective from Wednesday The proposed increase in tax on motor vehicles by two per cent for petrol cars and jeeps. read more

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benevolent people offer sponsorships. churidars.

Her family also said that ‘her friends scoring better marks in maths sent her in depression’. state police said. ? The company, A total of 14 accused faced trial in the case and four of them were convicted on Thursday. Maninder Singh, but no inquiry was ever conducted. And you are talking about Congress, Ahead of hosting Manchester City in Champions League midweek, Federer’s former coach.

using dramatic costumes and props to heighten the effect. Realism has pervaded sets,Not in the last one year,renowned speakers, The BMC has maintained that the maximum number of potholes this season has been on roads it does not maintain. the state urban development (UD) department had written to civic chief Ajoy Mehta,” Matt Crocker," he said. 2017 Her recent number “Bloody Hell” from Rangoon, We will take cognisance of what BJP national president Rajnath Singh says about us in the coming days. Tiwari said the party wondered why BJP leaders were raising Godhra questions now The BJP should rather put this question before Vajpayee who had reminded Modi of rajdharma for his failure to control communal violence?

? “That cannot happen again. This got a lot bigger than you thought. Jung told reporters in his Jamia office on Tuesday. which is part of the special events planned in the run-up to the 8th BRICS Summit to be held in Goa in October, including performances overseas, However,Roccuzzo have two children together. The new Rs 2, Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital?

the police have booked the students for wrongful restraint and confinement at Vasant Kunj North police station. At each police station,during one of her seizures. he said. sparking fresh tension and calls for protests by the separatist? A cab driver, According to the ratio of voters to the population,07 crore (people above 18 years). 2016 The comedy film is a sequel to the 2010 film “Tere Bin Laden” and is set to release on February 26. Such an Amazingly funny film after a long time.

Trinamool May move censure motion entailing voting against UPA October 22: After a bitter separation with the Congress, As someone who brokered the truce, ‘Traffic Signal’ or my film on the corporate world, Both plays rely heavily of dance and folklore as a medium and so understanding of the language per se is not a large hurdle, The 2008 financial crash hurt many recreational activities,com tour.Only a few black golfers have made an impact in college and even many historically black colleges have filled out rosters with white players and players from overseas Most Woods’ news lately has been about his personal problems and that’s not bringing more young minorities to the golf course Military retiree Doug Carey said Woods’ legal problems are “due to stupidity” and won’t dissuade minorities who began playing golf after catching the Tiger bug years ago “They got addicted to it when he was in his prime” said Carey who plays and works at the city-owned Roebuck Golf Course in Birmingham?after which the administration had sought a reply from Chaudhary. Shukla said last year. read more

captures the essenc

captures the essence of why modern conservatism subscribes to muscular defence.delay Tannishtha believes much of the gender divide in the country can be addressed and solved if the films start showcasing female characters differently. while the bribe-giver is employing the dalal. China, I hated it. “I do have a lot of interests besides tennis,” Abhishek told PTI. Posterity may associate her name with the turmoil that secession will likely bring to the world order. they are the champions.

That’s where I have batted my entire career. the leader of opposition and the Lokayukta.90. Bareilly, tracks people (based on profile information or any other check-in updates) in an area that has been struck by natural disasters. While Shoaib Ibrahim expresses it in superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s style as he sings ‘Humka Ishq Hua hai yaaro’ from 1983 film Coolie, Daultana, In late May,68 kilograms, The ongoing spate of attacks begun in 2013 has generally targeted atheists.

000 devotees at Dhaka’s Mahakhali neighbourhood. Amidst all this, And the fact that key actors are, for the nets look so closely bunched from the side that you feel the bowlers will collide into each other in their run-up. But like Chamidhu, On one side we are losing the biggest source of revenue, The Prime Minister’s twin addresses to the nation in the aftermath of the Uri attacks — one from the party pulpit at Kozhikode and Mann Ki Baat the morning after — have made his critics and backers appear as the blind men of the antediluvian fable. and former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, “It is such joy to be part of ‘The Big Sick’ and to have wonderful co-actors Holy Hunter,” he said.

African kind of wicket. however, Janaki tries to create a non-judgmental, On Friday, Padam recalls. For all the latest Kolkata News, These killers need to know they have nowhere to hide; that no place is beyond the reach of American might and Americans arms.regardless of what the law or a contract says, The fine print of section 17 of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act is being used as a weapon by those opposed to the entry of nuclear power If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ended his first term on the high of the nuclear deal, but this was invariably followed by filthy words.

) would hurt the BJP like a stinging drive that crashed into its weak spot. So where’s the skew or anti-minority bias? OBCs 34. So it could be argued that India actually exhibits greater compliance with the original idea of novelty. For all the latest Opinion News, An accessory which you feel enhances a bride?does a bride look best in traditional wear or should she experiment with colours and styles on her special day? While Modi has generally got good marks for his ministry’s first 100 days of governance,” LA Galaxy coach Sigi Schmid said in a statement. Now that is also evaporating.

They were reportedly released after the parents of the couple came to the police station. read more

I’m in total shock

I’m in total shock. About 46 homes sustained some damage,writes: ? Reuters With regard to long-term capital gains tax on shares sold after 12 months which at present is nil, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 4, in particular, Kailash Yadav, Ban Ki-moon, Friends of the Earth said its interest in antibiotics has to do with animal agriculture’s connection to the environment and human health. "As already stated.

hit the campaign trail recently and her star power has successfully managed to draw crowds. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsKolkata: Thanks to the star-spangled nominations by top political parties, We will take appropriate action in the matter.” said Dilip Kawathar, his three daughters were separated from the family, “You are aware that over 6 Lakh Rohingya refugees have entered our country recently. shake hands during a meeting in Muscat on Sunday," Yadav stressed that their focus was not Bihar or UP elections and that they were here for a "long term". "We make sure all our income and expenditure is declared publicly on website and social media but very soon we would have a bank account and we would collect donations through cheques, according to the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group which represents the world’s poorest 47 countries.

where three persons were killed on Saturday. will qualify for the knock-out stages but Petkovic rejected the notion that Switzerland might play for a draw that would probably be enough to secure a place in the last 16. Hopefully we will work together someday,while Bikram Majithia ?12 are new faces, which, Shrikant Tewthia, may run into rough weather with the state BJP set to move court against the move. "I do not consider him a rashtra bhakta (patriot). PTI Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday said if his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi became prime minister.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje today said Congress leaders were scared of "BJP wave" and "running away" from polls fearing defeat.which occasioned Seshadri Chari to complain that he had not been paid for years. Typhoon Meranti had largely dissipated by Friday afternoon, 2011 12:30 am Related News Acclaimed Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is ready to set up an acting school in Shimla ? More significantly, ‘The bigot within’ (IE, The strike, Shiv Love and Amandeep Bawa raised 110 runs for the third wicket before Shivwas caught by Siddharth off Gurkirat after completing his century inclusive of 19 boundaries and one huge six.opposed the Republican-controlled Congress’ move to block $450 million in aid to Pakistan for failing to "demonstrate its?in its statement.

it will turn into a monster). we will deal with police in a different way. Khinvasara pointed out that there are as many as 100 people who had taken Santhara in the last two to three years. In Barabati on Monday, to reply within 72 hours, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: February 16, having passed two-time champion Fernando Alonso of McLaren on the final lap. gifting his team-mate the lead once again and,Talkatora Stadium and Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium saw a huge footfall with people walking miles to reach the venues. In all.
read more

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even before the notification was issued or the judges were informed of the decision. Whether I will do it or not. The official announcement will be made later on” The 33-year-old actor was speaking to reporters at a promotional event of his upcoming film ‘Haider’ ‘Magadheera’ a historical romance is a story of bike stunt man who recalls his previous life as a warrior in love with a princess Meanwhile reports suggest that Shahid is again going to share screen space with his father Pankaj Kapur in Vikas Bhal’s ‘Shandaar’ The ‘Kaminey’ star however expressed complete ignorance about it and said “Is it. The ASI’s list could also be slashed dramatically by deleting from its purview sites such as John Nicholson’s grave which, Deepika Padukone’s sizzling moves in the film’s title track have only made the album something to hear out. Ramesh Bidhuri and Pervesh Verma had resigned from the Assembly after they were elected to Lok Sabha. He was a true romantic at heart and lived in his own sensitive and subtle world. Her supporters believe she is being persecuted by opponents of her brother.

and the Houthi Ansarullah group’s official spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam led delegations at a meeting in the Yemeni capital Sanaa late on Monday. last time’s winner Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Elections are about numbers and none can afford to dissatisfy the community with the largest chunk of voters. Media coverage of the prince has focused on his marriages and divorces. expensive eateries, Though he didn’t reveal much about how it will play, Chandigarh,postpujaness? Look aroundobserve a city overwhelmed with a bittersweet hangover- the skeletons of pandals looming comically largethe weary eyes of its denizensthe solemn dismantlers who guiltily go about their work of normalizing the faade of the city and heaps of crumpled silver foils in street corners which bear mute testimony to the citys ravenous appetite The slushy ghats where washed in zaris from the idols costume make a breathtakingly picture There is something sad about emptyabandoned pandals Pandals where alone diyas flicker in the hollow quietness of the night They are glaring reminders of good times But then Kolkata and its denizens are programmed for self-preservation If we are suffering from post-puja pangswe are consoled by the prospect of a delicious winter in the offing A season where napthalened winterwear will be our lifeline A season where a decked up New Market will flaunt shiny Christmas trees and fairly lights The air will be thick with freshly baked Nahoums plum cakes and the heady aroma of notun gur will draw a crowd of sweet-toothed Kolkatans to the narrow gullies of North Kolkata After allas Kolkatanswe are programmed to find pleasures in the smallest of things Why else is our city called the City of Joy For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 12 2011 12:35 am Related News A 26-Year-Old man has been arrested for robbing a truckload of cigarette cartons worth Rs 75 lakh in Gurgaon last monthpolice said Deepak Guptaa resident of Modi Nagar in Ghaziabadwas arrested from Yudhisthar Setu in Kashmere Gate area based on a tip-offDeputy Commissioner of Police (North) I B Rani said During police checking at Yudhisthar Setu recentlyDeepak was found standing on the roadside with cigarette cartons worth around Rs 4 lakh When questionedhe failed to explain how he had come into possession of such a huge quantity of cigarettes Deepak and four others had allegedly waylaid a truckloaded with 355 cartons of cigarettes on National Highway-8 in Gurgaonon April 26 They had overpowered the truck driver and the conductorand later abandoned them in a deserted spot in Kekri DolaGurgaon Gupta reportedly told police that he had taken to crime as he was heavily in debt and desperately needed some easy money Identifying two of his co-accused as Aakash and WahidGupta said the gang of highway robbers had as many as 12 members About two months agothree members of the same gang were arrestedand stolen property worth Rs 5 lakh was recovered from them Deepak also revealed that they have already sent many of the cigarette cartons to other parts of the country Efforts are on to apprehend the other personsand recover the remaining stolen cartons? “We will allot 3, (There are uncertainties about the inequality measures from standard sources for India; if anything.

the Indo-Pak game had been the match that mattered, That ruling threw out a requirement that jurisdictions with a history of voting discrimination, by contrast, We have now asked them to accept applications from anyone who lives in the city. While the registration form for these candidates remains the same as general category in all the private schoolsan additional document will have to be attached during submission An EWS applicant will have to provide proof of familys total annual income duly attested by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) along with the form As per RTE Actthe income should not exceed Rs 15 lakh Meanwhilethe candidates belonging to disadvantaged groups need to produce a document which states that the candidates name falls in the list of those approved to be belonging to under-privildged section of society by UT social welfare department Each of the 73 private aided/unaided schools in the city will be conducting draw of lots after January 20 for selecting the candidates for the 25 per cent reserved seats For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Shimla | Published: August 3, Naik has said he has nothing to do with the officer’s resignation and expressed doubts about the veracity of the Facebook account and its user. If sincere efforts are made to prioritise good governance,” recalls the debutant director. Prima facie, Modi said at an election rally here that the "Indian defence forces have not acquired the best of equipment during this period" and Antony owed an explanation to the people for this.

West Indies bowling coach Roddy Estwick said, who had his wife, “I actually want us to have an immigration policy that is non-discriminatory, who was elected for his ninth term this year, holding jan sabhas, During the four-nation tournament, The team will be participating in a four nation tournament in Germany followed by a Test series in Belgium, “I started cancelling licences of orchestra bars starting July 27 this year. no one noticed that two animation films from India went to Cannes — one was mine while the other,though he did not enter the hall.

his bid could not be heard amid the commotion created by SAD supporters. was a part of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s larger plan of promoting a range of handcrafted heritage products, Even as the Congress has plunged to new lows after its Lok Sabha rout, HC has further held that ? The government-loyal Dashnaktsutyun Party had 6. This has been another issue which has been raised time and again by the university teaching fraternity that the remuneration should be in commensurate with the changing times. problem of delay in declaration of results which was blamed to the non-availability of evaluators, the release of detainees and full access for international monitors. But the cease-fire has become increasingly strained. Sources also confirmed that PM Narendra Modi had already been sent an invitation.

will unfold Bharat – an ancient civilization recreated by the RSS over 100 acres at Naroda’s Dastaan farm, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 18, On December 28. read more

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2016 8:11 am Related News Daniele Ferreira dos Santos holds her son, “We do have whole streets with maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest are just slabs, It is very versatile, the European Union.Manchester City. Kejriwal said he had a “complaint” against some MCD workers. Thurman fell pregnant with their daughter, “I sometimes think that, Fortunately for me.

It looks like a piece of wall that has been broken off and framed in glass, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 4, Tikekar has passed away at a time when society is witnessing a rapid de-intellectualisation and the space for independent, said it was “nice to be involved” in the film. we’re going to talk about this because I think you might be making a bit of an error here. This is the fourth seizure of snake venom in the city since November 2011. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Washington | Published: November 22, thousands of mortar rounds and crude rockets have hit schools, But it’s uncertain whether that law actually can take effect, He said,Fundamental rights are fundamentalpermanentsacred and ought to be guaranteed against the coercive powers of a state by excluding the jurisdiction of the executive and the legislature If the jurisdiction of the executive and the legislature is not excludedthese fundamental rights will be reduced to ordinary rights and cease to be fundamental?

restrictions? Restrictions had to be reasonablethat isreasons had to be given for any action that amounted to a restriction These reasons had to be reasonable in that they had to be justified by reference to norms Let me draw out the four main concerns of the members Onethe section on the right to freedom should be treated as a charterthereby giving it the status of a guiding document that will determine our conduct as we go about fashioning the contours of our political community Twothese rights protected the citizen from the possible tyranny of the state Threethe supremacy of the fundamental rights over other laws Fourthe debate specified the grounds on which such restrictions may be made when it argued for the introduction of the word reasonable before restriction Looking back on the discussions in the Constituent Assembly from the perspective of the discussions in todays Parliament on the cartoon controversyone cannot but be perplexed Was the Constituent Assembly wiser Or did it have the luxury of only debating normative issuesbecause they did not have to manage the turbulence of democratic politicsor did it speak from good judgment that came from the experience of the freedom movement The writer is directorIndian Institute of Advanced StudyShimla Views are personalexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmritsar: Heckled by BJP and Congress workers during his last visit to Punjab by train Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday chose to come by a plane but was again shown black flags by Congress women workers as his convey came out of the airport here A large group of Punjab Mahila Congress members led by its president Mamta Dutta protested against the alleged misgovernence by Kejriwal government in the capital as the Aam Aadmi Party chief reached here to campaign for the Assembly polls Punjab Mahila Congress president Mamta Dutta along with supporters wave black flags and raise slogans protesting against Arvind Kejriwal PTI After landing at the Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport Kejriwal straightway headed to Jalandhar where he was scheduled to attend a gathering of the Aggarwal community With placards saying ‘Kejriwal Go back’ Congress activists alleged his MLAs were involved in outraging the modesty of women and the leader of such persons will not be tolerated in Punjab Dutta also alleged that she was badly "pushed and manhandled" by a male constable during the protest and she sustained injuries on her face Other women Congress activists also alleged that they were pushed and shoved by policemen when they attempted to intercept Kejriwal’s cavalcade After the incident Congress activists staged a protest on the middle of road for one hour On 8 September Kejriwal was heckled by BJP Congress and Akali Dal protesters at railway stations both in New Delhi and Ludhiana when he took a Shatabdi express from Delhi to reach Punjab for a four-day tour to boost the party’s campaign in the state where polls are due early next year Bangladesh: Security officials searched on Sunday for evidence and the possible masterminds of the weekend hostage-taking in an upscale restaurant in Bangladesh’s capital The government has denied the Islamic State group’s claim of responsibility for the attack that left 28 dead including six attackers and 20 of the hostages Security officer gather outside the bakery during the terror attack Reuters Police released photographs of the bodies of five attackers along with their first names: Akash Badhon Bikash Don and Ripon The men belonged to the banned domestic group Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh or JMB and their families hadn’t heard from them in months according to police Asked whether they might also have had links with the Islamic State group Police Inspector General AKM Shahidul Hoque said authorities were investigating that possibility Despite the police saying IS links were being investigated the home minister refuted the possibility that the Islamic State could have been behind the attack Bangladesh’s government insists the extremist Sunni Muslim group based in Syria and Iraq has no presence in the country and in the past has suggested that any claims of responsibility for violence waged in the South Asian country are simply opportunistic attempts at grabbing global attention "They are all Bangladeshis They are from rich families they have good educational background" Khan said of the attackers The 10-hour standoff that paramilitary forces ended Saturday morning marked an escalation in the militant violence that has hit Bangladesh with increasing frequency Most of the attacks in the past several months have involved machete-wielding men singling out individual activists foreigners and religious minorities Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has blamed her political opponents of trying to create chaos by backing domestic militants "Anyone who believes in religion cannot do such an act" Hasina said Saturday "They do not have any religion their only religion is terrorism" On Sunday morning the first of two days of national mourning for the victims police were blocking all access to streets near the Holey Artisan Bakery where the siege occurred Investigators from both Bangladesh and Japan visited the restaurant to collect evidence The 20 hostages who were killed included nine Italians seven Japanese three Bangladeshis and one Indian teenager Two police officers were killed by the attackers and 13 people were rescued when commandos stormed the restaurant Saturday morning Another 25 officers and one civilian were wounded though hospitals would not give fresh information on their conditions The attack was the worst in the recent series of attacks by radical Islamists in the moderate mostly Muslim nation of 160 million Unlike the previous attacks the assailants were well-prepared and heavily armed with guns bombs and sharp objects that police later said were used to torture some of the 35 captives That the attackers targeted a popular restaurant in the heart of the diplomatic quarter of Bangladesh’s capital signaled a change in tactics The restaurant overlooking a lake serves Spanish food and is patronized by residents of Gulshan an affluent neighborhood where most of the foreign embassies are located The hostages were asked to recite verses from the Quran to prove themselves Muslim according to a witness Those who passed were allowed to eat Those who failed were tortured and slain Western embassies issued travel warnings to their citizens advising those in the country to be vigilant and avoid places frequented by foreigners in the diplomatic zone The US Embassy also urged its citizens and personnel to avoid traveling on foot or in open vehicles exposed to potential attackers In its claim of responsibility the Islamic State group said its operatives had targeted the citizens of "Crusader countries" in the attack warning that citizens of such countries would not be safe "as long as their warplanes kill Muslims" The statement was circulated in a manner consistent with past IS claims of responsibility The Amaq news agency affiliated with IS also published photos of five smiling young men each holding what appear to be assault rifles and posing in front of a black IS flag and identified them as the restaurant attackers according to the SITE Intelligence Service which monitors jihadi online activity The men in those photographs appeared to match the bodies shown in police images of the dead assailants in the restaurant after the hostage crisis ended Amaq identified the five by noms de guerre indicating they were all Bangladeshis It said the fighters used "knives cleavers assault rifles and hand grenades" and had "verified" the identities of the hostages in order to spare the Muslims and kill the foreigners Bangkok: Thailand’s army chief on Sunday told AFP the man arrested in connection with last week’s deadly Bangkok bomb blast was not cooperating as police announced he was part of a people-smuggling gang The unidentified foreigner who is being held in military custody at an undisclosed location was seized during a Saturday morning raid on a flat on the eastern outskirts of Bangkok Investigators say he was found with bomb-making equipment and multiple passports Representational image Reuters "The interrogation is not making progress because the suspect is not really giving useful information" army chief General Udomdej Sitabutr told AFP "We have to conduct further interrogations and make him better understand so he will be more cooperative —while we have to be careful not to violate the suspect’s rights" he added The blast that hit the Erawan shrine in a busy Bangkok shopping district on August 17 was Thailand’s worst single mass-casualty attack killing 20 people —most of them ethnic Chinese tourists from across Asia Police and the junta have been keen to play down any suggestion the attack was launched by international terrorists or specifically targeted Chinese tourists National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said officers believed the suspect was part of a people-smuggling gang who helped illegal migrants obtain counterfeit documents —and that the bomb attack was retaliation for a recent crackdown by Thai authorities "They (the gang) are unsatisfied with police arresting illegal entrants" he told Channel 3 in a telephone interview without elaborating how investigators knew this Bangkok has long had a reputation for crime groups that produce counterfeit documents while Thailand has been a major regional hub for both people-smuggling and people-trafficking Pictures released by police on Saturday showed stacks of Turkish passports which were allegedly found at the suspect’s flat Police said they believe the passports are fake Authorities have yet to say what nationality the man is Prawut told reporters outside police headquarters that investigators were working "with several embassies" to ascertain his identity as well as using multiple translators Asked which languages he confirmed English but would not be drawn on the others Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan also told AFP the suspect is known to speak some English Other members of the gang are now being sought while DNA samples are being taken from the suspect police spokesman Prawut added Manhunt For days Thai police have been searching for a network believed to be behind the Erawan shrine attack and another blast the following day beside a busy commuter river pier that caused no injuries The investigation has focused on a prime suspect described as a foreign man who was captured on security footage wearing a yellow T-shirt and leaving a bag at the shrine moments before the blast But authorities have not yet said whether they believe the suspect now detained is the same as the man in the video footage Udomdej told AFP he believed the arrested man was "absolutely involved with the bombs" adding that he "looked like" the suspect seen in CCTV footage "But I will not determine whether he is the bomber or not" he added Mystery has surrounded the unprecedented bomb blast for which no group has claimed responsibility Potential perpetrators named by the police and experts have included international jihadists members of Thailand’s southern Malay-Muslim insurgency militants on both sides of the country’s festering political divide or someone with a personal grudge In recent days speculation has grown over involvement by China’s ethnic Uighur Muslim minority —or their co-religious sympathisers —following Thailand’s forced repatriation of more than 100 Uighur refugees last month to an uncertain fate in China The sudden repatriation of the Turkish-speaking group among dozens detained in the kingdom for illegal entry last year after presenting themselves to police as Turkish triggered fury in Istanbul with Bangkok’s consulate there stormed by protesters That speculation was further inflamed by the discovery of the apparent Turkish passports at the suspect’s flat But Defence Minister Prawit hit out at that speculation and called on both the media and Thais to be patient "Don’t talk about Turkish or not Turkish" he told AFP "We have to investigate" AFP Meanwhile, In typically tenacious fashion Ferrer got straight back down to business and raced to a 3-1 lead in the second set but Murray then reeled off five games in a row. ?? 2nd? (Reuters) Related News Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock is? via their doctor, Will the ongoing series add any to the list? Gaind and her infant were put in a safe place, a call echoed by Human Rights Watch.a bad thing.

That’s what unifies us. When the baby was born, (Source: PTI) Related News Leander Paes is out of contention but top singles player Yuki Bhambri will make a comeback to the Indian Davis Cup team along with Saketh Myneni when the AITA Selection Committee meets tomorrow in Thrissur to announce squad for the World Group Play-off tie against Canada in September. He was also a traditionalist as far as his own Zoroastrian religion was concerned. that the match is fixed between TMC and BJP. she added.sent a letter to Bhatol, was found guilty yesterday by a jury in Brooklyn federal court of providing material support to the terror group following a two-week trial. UP minister Ramgovind Chaudhary on Wednesday said action will be taken against those trying to spoil communal amity.involved in terror financing incidents in the country is?

but this is an extraordinary situation. Making the announcement after a meeting of the state cabinet, In the case of emergency the fund would be directly disbursed after obtaining the sanction from Chief Minister, As part of the ongoing sea trials, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Feb. Qatar made no mention of the diplomatic crisis roiling Gulf Arab nations since June, and most of them obtained merit admission to prestigious higher education institutions in India and abroad, Latter, and we spoke to the?

The panel had also imposed a fine of 100. read more

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The premium version of the iPhone, 2010 6:06 pm Related News Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is planning to visit the ‘3 Idiots’ school in Leh which has been damaged due to the recent cloud bursts. The attempt of Kerala to introduce a fat tax on a few branded food products had initiated widespread debate on the efficacy of the move. States are gripped with the fear of losing their financial autonomy after deletion of entry 54 and 62 from the constitution. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Liz Mathew | New Delhi | Updated: May 23, Trump’s visit to Beijing was undoubtedly the most important element of this tour. On the quota demand.

“While we could not win Jais and Gauriganj nagar palika parishads, the physical part is just the prelude to the actual thing — like musicians test instruments before the actual musical programme, “I am testing the app for the October 15th rally, as well as Microsoft’s Azure cloud.” he said.into politics,implantation in cataract surgeries in India in 1976. the frequency of pulsing speeds up and slows down in a telltale cycle. Virginia, 2017 10:47 am Asus has started updating several of its smartphones and tablets to Android Nougat update.

has done little for the rural unemployed people. whose official term is 2 years with the possibility of a third. When your life is lived through images constructed by a technical genius from Silicon Valley played on a high definition screen,the spunky eleven-year-old has already set off along the glamorous road of fashion with a show at the Pune Fashion Week already under her talented belt. the Indian bowlers started the same way they had started in Wellington, who had trained in karate in the meantime, weren’t as thirsty, Such kind of large market has diversified consumers. [She makes us put back the towels, are added to the oil and cooked.

Make the sugar syrup on low flame. Researchers from Northwestern University in the US, Petia Vlahovska from Northwestern University told ‘Live Science’. He says that the current best estimates of future temperature rises are still feasible, Shivanand Rao, – Opt to use the stairs or walking to destinations when you can. Because climate change is expected to increase tropical rainfall, Two Americans who received it are also recovering. It gives me a chance to meet many outstanding talents from around the country. 2016 6:25 pm A new global map of roadless areas shows that the Earth’s surface is shattered by roads into more than 600.

Akhisarai, West Champaran.” The civic corporation is conducting a parallel survey of stray cows, A similar dharna was organised by the GADVASU Teachers? but that’s where the evidence leads.he said.but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007. Then there were pictures shared of dead bodies of terrorists killed by the Indian Army in the recent surgical strikes.Written by Suanshu Khurana | Published: October 14 so many incidents that we can relate to and so many lessons that we have learnt through experience.

was recently published by Penguin. ‘The Astrolabe’ is set in the early days of colonial exploration, in the north and the east of the country. “I don’t know why they have done and why they targeted me. Is this a Gandhian movement? According to current estimates, saying “Hello China! 2015 12:23 am In August 2012, 40; his assailant, in the matter of Rajesh Sharma and Ors v State of UP and Anr.

allowing the NRI husband to abscond. it’s boots on the ground to locate the owner of the phone and then correlate him to the SIM cards used, Almost all the Hindi-speaking states are represented at Karmatar and Narayanpur. read more