Spring dream footsteps on the road

, a member of the CPPCC National Committee attended the two session of the twelve CPPCC opening of

in the early spring of Beijing, and the wind brings warm breath. In March 3rd, a grand meeting with countless expectations and aspirations – the twelve session of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference of the two session of the grand opening of the Great Hall of the people. At the same time, the "curtain", is also a flourishing spring of all things.

in the spring is full of hope and longing in our province from the 17 CPPCC members dressed in festive costumes, with the masses of all circles the earnest expectation and trust, together with all ethnic groups from all over the country members of the CPPCC National Committee to perform the event, political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in the sacred duty. read more

West 7 activities of the masses happy New Year

2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is approaching, in order to let the masses enjoy this year for the first time, the west area of elegant art to "section three" mass cultural activities, literary celebrities invited provinces and cities to the rural areas, into the community for the masses.

elegant art activities including "blessing" · China dream; west end area of the masses of all circles to greet the New Year party, "the world customs ·" the public taste of song and dance show, "golden horse new year · harmonious" public art show, "national charm · succinct" traditional art exhibition, "bamboo with · enjoy the" National Concert, "long surplus wind · new public" Lantern Festival drama party program. Bless the people activities including "new year" Fu · 1000 couplets to send public activities, "Laba Festival · community", "Ma Yue Jinxiu condolences activities · calligraphy calligraphy pen, dream" new year "happy family" xiaonianye warmth and other activities. Folk culture activities including "spring to spring" with Ji parade activities, "spring", "Ode to the public cultural activities" outstanding performance, Jinma off fire lights reflect western "Lantern Festival". Mass cultural activities, including the "three rural", the people’s cinema, to commemorate the birth of Wang Luobin’s Choral Competition for the year of 100, excellent community performances, badminton friendlies, farmers Winter Games, community new year concert. Cultural events include the Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum collection exhibition, modern Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition, 3D magic art exhibition and other activities. Tourism shopping activities include "colorful winter" tour of the west, "taste buds West" food festival, "leading fashion" Shopping Festival, etc..
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Strictly prohibited by the administrative monopoly management fees

In order to regulate the behavior of charges related enterprises in accordance with the law, to further reduce the burden on enterprises, according to the national development and Reform Commission notice spirit, the provincial government in accordance with the requirements of the relevant work, after cleaning, the provincial departments of enterprises related to administrative examination and approval pre service charges before the date, the provincial development and Reform Commission issued the "notice on announced Sheqi administrative examination and approval pre service charges list of provincial government pricing the".

"notice" clearly the provincial government pricing projects Sheqi administrative approval pre service charges a total of 4, including the seismic safety evaluation, lightning protection device, detection performance of antistatic safety detection and energy saving monitoring fees. "Notice" provides that the list of documents without the basis of laws and regulations shall not be charged as an administrative examination and approval of the pre conditions and charges. It is strictly prohibited for all administrative departments to use administrative power to monopolize the business, to force the service and to impose fees. In the process of examination and approval, the examination and approval department shall, in the process of examination and approval, entrust the technical service to be selected by means of competition, and the service fee shall be paid by the examination and approval department. Shall not be within the scope of the responsibility of the government to the public institutions or intermediary organizations to bear and charge. "Notice" requirements of the competent price departments at all levels to strengthen the implementation of the list and other administrative approval intermediary service conduct supervision and inspection, strictly investigated and dealt with according to law without additional fees, fees and other price violations increased.

it is reported that the list of the implementation of dynamic management, according to the changes of laws and regulations and the list of powers and pricing policies, timely adjustment and improvement, and real-time updates released. read more

Xining this year, there are 635 million large water projects invested $7

in accordance with the overall arrangements and requirements of the Xining municipal government on the project in 2009, the city will implement the 7 water projects in 2009, completed 635 million yuan in fixed assets investment.

2009 is the implementation of the year 11th Five-Year, the key year of planning, the city’s water sector will focus on 7 major water projects, involving an investment of $635 million. These 7 projects are: 100 million yuan investment in construction of our city river flood control projects, of which 50 million yuan governance Huangshui River 3.53 km west section, another 50 million yuan to start the construction of Nanchuan River 9.45 km river comprehensive treatment project and Nanchuan wetland; a project of 100 million yuan investment in the construction of Pandaoling reservoir; 150 million yuan investment in the construction of third sewage processing plant in Xining city; investment 100 million yuan for the city drainage pipeline construction project; investment 20 million yuan to implement the Xining water supply network reconstruction project; investment 15 million yuan to implement the Lake District water supply project; investment 150 million yuan to implement water conservation project for rural water conservancy, 80 thousand people and 60 thousand head of cattle (only) the safety of drinking water, improve the irrigation area 65 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers. read more

Strengthening standardized management of community health service

Recently, the city issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the standardized management of community health service work advice", aims to combine activities of local community health service institution construction norms, to strengthen and improve the community health service management as the core, to further strengthen the construction of community health service system and connotation construction, enhance comprehensive community health services, management ability and level, to better meet the health needs of the masses, and promote the healthy development of community health services. Currently, the district (county) health administrative departments have started to strengthen and standardize the management of community health services. read more

Xining efforts to improve people’s livelihood and happiness index

Speaking of people’s livelihood, people feel the most direct.

from people’s income increased significantly, increase fiscal spending, from low-income housing construction, to improve the social security system, employment from the public service system to create entrepreneurship…… Xining City, adhere to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic interests in the first place of the work, continue to build a strong bottom line livelihood security, to achieve a virtuous cycle of economic development and improving people’s livelihood.

"my older son, and cerebral palsy, but the government for our purchase of home-based care services, at the same time enjoy the meticulous care of the staff can also enjoy family life!" Who lives in the east slope of stone street community 84 year old Fu Ruilan happy to say.Since the

– people respond to the concerns in mind, in their hands, implement practical things warm people

"we are here to see the doctor who, convenient, and expert level high, Dr. Shao Xiulan is very famous in gynecology. Sometimes his wife’s periarthritis of shoulder if committed, and we have to tie the acupuncture, the effect is good!" Accompany daughter;

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Xining small financial organization on the well-being of the people

Li Xiaogang photo  

; some large and medium-sized city compared to total 19 billion 260 million yuan of money outside, what is not, but this is the use of more money, the municipal government overall planning, "good steel used in the blade, just over 80% of the money spent on the people’s livelihood projects. Looking back over the past year, we see that the standard of living has been raised, the treatment of sanitation workers has been improved, the campus is beautiful, the school buildings are strong, the medical conditions are improved, and the medical conditions are improved; read more

Self driving license is expected to test the pilot during the year

This year, the small car driver self-study straight test, independent appointment examination, off-site exam will start the reform, which is the reporter from the national public security organs of the State Council on the reform of the office of the 25 meeting was informed. It is reported that more than 110 public security measure of comprehensive deepening reform involves, has to the police department and the division of labor.

according to the Ministry of public security Party committee, director of the political department, deputy head of the Ministry of public security comprehensive deepening of reform leading group and director of the office of summer Chongyuan, deepen the public security reform involves more than 110 reform initiatives have been implemented, the leadership responsibility, the division of labor to the police and the Department this year, 9 key aspects of the reform tasks have signed a responsibility the book will be carried out within the year, a small car driving straight people self examination and self exam appointment, off-site examination, difficult cases to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the prosecution system and a number of pilot reform. read more

Remediation remediation Xining chemical enterprises to reduce environmental risks

recently, the Xining municipal environmental protection departments in the investigation of Qinghai Zhongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Qinghai Xinhe 8 chemical enterprises environmental safety problems, and urge the rectification of environmental safety risks of the enterprise.

inspection, the majority of enterprises basically completed the rectification work, and achieved some practical results. Qinghai Zhongxing chemical industry limited company to carry on the transformation of the original part of the rainwater collection system for the surface seepage and transit yard has taken three measures; Qinghai Xinhe Co. Ltd. has built emergency pool, gas installation in the electrolysis workshop and tank leakage alarm device, hydrogen fluoride storage area has set the cylinder leakage emergency water bath, and the development of environmental emergency response plan; Qinghai Mount Everest, Qinghai zinc industry Leah chemical plant, Qinghai Liming chemical company and Qinghai Suqing chlorate company to take measures to prevent corrosion of the tank cofferdam, thoroughly solved the internal leakage phenomenon. read more

Qinghai Tibet Railway Co., Ltd. Xining Ministry of public works with the help of network resources t

The end of the year, the author visited the Qinghai Tibet Railway Xining Railway Engineering, the workshop, the staff of a smiling face, let us feel the fusion of the eighteen spirit charm and youthful beauty. Eighteen closing the section to implement the eighteen spirit of publicity for traction, and actively explore innovative grass-roots workers to learn the popularization and popularization of the way, let the theory of learning expression more vivid, effectively enhance the pertinence and persuasive. read more

Qinghai county budget, three funds to achieve full disclosure

In October 10th, the Qinghai provincial government information office, the Provincial Department of Finance held a press conference to announce the province budget information disclosure: as of now, our province all above the county budget department budget and public funds are active open. Province sunshine finance two years to achieve the national goals.

2011, Qinghai Province issued a "diligently on the budget information disclosure work opinions", the main responsibility, the budget information disclosure of the basic principles, main content and way of opening clear. read more

Xining city in the implementation of four sides Green Project

is effective to improve the ecological environment in Xining City, created to speed up the pace of National Forest City, invest 62 million 270 thousand yuan to implement the city of Xining City District 6800 acres of afforestation "" public square (roadside, riverside, the edge of the field, the side of the mountain greening project).

it is reported that the project is located in the West Tower high-speed road west to the foot of a hill and Nanchuan River on both sides of the farmland flood land, a total area of 6800 acres. The construction of shelterbelt greening greening pattern and nursery base, shelterbelt greening by the expressway in the west near the roadside and Nanchuan River on both sides of the river floodplain, according to terrain shelterbelt construction, mainly on the west side of the road, poplar and willow from broadleaf trees as the main farmland in the wide ridge planting in coniferous and broadleaf trees and flower shrubs, the construction period is from 2013 to 2014. In the process of project implementation, multi-channel, multi form to encourage and mobilize the masses to participate in breeding base construction projects to achieve the green seedling base of the standard provisions will be included in the "subsidies quadrilateral green project area, the government in accordance with the planting area to pay rent. read more

Three send caravan to help return home to achieve employment

The city’s employment departments at all levels to carry out policies to send jobs

employment departments at all levels to carry out the policy to send jobs

send training activities to the countryside

set up rural job seekers and enterprise communication platform, combined with the previous spring action carried out a series of activities, the city departments at all levels of employment from 3 to April and a large number of passengers has not yet left the slack of the machine, take various forms to carry out to promote rural service industry "as the theme of" policy to send, send jobs send "training activities in the countryside. One is using the Internet, news media and other channels, through the dissemination of promotional materials and other forms of employment information release more than and 500 to more than 9 thousand jobs to the county, township, distribution of publicity materials and the "labor contract law", "policy" quiz 127 thousand reader. Two counties are actively engaged in the province and outside the enterprise to strengthen contact with each other to provide employment information. Through the employment of "Caravan", send jobs to the market and other forms of rural labor to policies, positions, training and other information, at the same time using the election of the machine, in the part of the township to carry out on-site recruitment will be 60 times, so the employment information sent to the village, to the families, to the people. Three is the organization of the more than and 400 farmers to participate in entrepreneurship training and skills training, and actively support and encourage rural workers to start their own businesses. read more

Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League to seriously deploy rural youth credit demo

According to the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the people’s Bank of Chinese on rural youth credit demonstration households file spirit pilot work, to strengthen the rural youth awareness of integrity education, promote the construction of the rural credit environment, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Committee conscientiously implement the spirit of the document, quickly make arrangements to further strengthen the rural youth credit demonstration households of the sense of responsibility and urgency read more

Seven initiatives to ensure the education system in Xining chuangxianzhengyou activities carried out

In 2011, the Education Bureau of Xining city chuangxianzhengyou activities will focus on solving the difficulties and hotspots of education and promoting the scientific development of education, organize and mobilize grassroots party organizations and Party members and the first scientific development, campus harmony, education for the realization of "12th Five-Year" good start mainly from the following aspects work

2011 years, the Education Bureau of Xining city chuangxianzhengyou activities will focus on solving the difficulties and hotspots of education and promoting the scientific development of education, organize and mobilize grassroots party organizations and Party members and the first scientific development, campus harmony, education for the realization of "12th Five-Year" good start mainly from the following aspects to carry out the work. read more

Qinghai agriculture and animal husbandry credit Company Limited by Guarantee

8 10, the Qinghai provincial agriculture and animal husbandry credit Company Limited by Guarantee formally established. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, vice governor of the company jointly inaugurated for the company of Yan Jinhai.

at present, the province’s agriculture and animal husbandry is in a critical period of transformation from traditional agriculture and animal husbandry to modern agriculture and animal husbandry, the need for strong support of the modern financial industry. The establishment of credit guarantee institutions of agriculture and animal husbandry, is the embodiment of innovation financial services, establish a new mechanism of financial support for agriculture, through the industrial policy and fiscal policy, financial policy "three-in-one" to promote, promote financial capital and social capital to invest in agriculture and animal husbandry, stimulate the inherent vitality of modern agriculture and animal husbandry development, enhance market competitiveness. read more

Xining, Deyang set up a basket Bridge

Xining was named after the "xichui peaceful" means and. Located in the eastern part of Qinghai Province, the upstream tributaries of the Yellow River Huangshui River, the geographical position is very important, the ancient "Key West". Xining has a long history and culture, unique natural resources, colorful folk customs, is a bright pearl of the Qinghai Tibet plateau.

Qinghai Lake reproduction dragon water spectacular scene

8 month 24 days, enthusiastic readers to the newspaper exclusively reported, "spectacular bird island in Qinghai Lake near the water dragon" again, free to tourists staged a visual feast.

source told reporters, at about 10:30, the bird island of Qinghai Lake was suddenly above the clouds cover, then the lake like clouds were sucked from the lake, straight up the sky. Shocked by the beauty of the tourists have come up with a mobile phone to take pictures and video, everyone exclaimed: "the quiet beauty of the sudden appearance of such a spectacle Qinghai Lake, too exciting. I have only heard of ‘dragon water’, and I am so happy to see such a magnificent sight today." read more

Xining East District start fire emergency mechanism

recently, the public security fire brigade Environmental Protection Bureau of East area of Xining city and Xining City Chengdong District agreed to establish a working mechanism of emergency response, to actively prevent and properly handle environmental emergencies caused by fire, leakage and explosion accidents, protect people’s lives and property and environmental safety.

it is reported that the public security fire brigade Environmental Protection Bureau of East area of Xining city and Xining City Chengdong district signed the "agreement on establishing and improving environmental protection and public security fire emergency response mechanism", the two sides to establish and improve the information communication mechanism, the Environmental Protection Bureau in the daily law enforcement inspection process, found that the major fire hazards, to promptly notify the district public security fire brigade. The district public security fire brigade in the daily law enforcement inspection process, the potential impact of environmental safety risks may be found in a timely manner to inform the district environmental protection bureau. The establishment of a joint regulatory mechanism to carry out joint law enforcement activities, major fire hazards and environmental safety risks jointly supervise the handling of the situation, and the implementation of the rectification of follow-up inspectors. The respective requirements should the other requirements, to provide chemical and hazardous chemicals production, storage and use, medicine, metal smelting machine processing and utilization of hazardous waste disposal, may produce toxic or harmful gases, emissions of heavy metal pollutants may affect the industry emergency technical data on the environment actively, actively assist each other in establishing and perfecting the environmental risk and emergency rescue database, take effective measures to ensure interoperability between the two sides of the database. The two sides focus on key and difficult work, at least 1 times a year to organize joint law enforcement activities. (author: Guo Jia) read more